Thinking of which place to pick? Or how to set up your spot in dominion? It’s really facile, you do the planning and we do the offering as we propose the floor plans for the commercial district in the world of Dominion. To download the floor plans from the Lower ground till Paradise, click any one of the links below which best suits your quality requirement:

Lower Ground Floor

Ground Floor

Mezzanine Floor


Paradise Floor

Entertainment Floor

Mall Floor Plans – PDF Document


Planning on moving into Dominion but not so sure about the apartment? You can delve into each tiny detail with our floor plans, or better yet, you can check with the design at our site office. For the floor plans from Floor 4 and extending till Floor 11, click below:

Apartment Plans

1 Bed Apartment Type A

1 Bed Apartment Type B

2 Bed Apartment Type A


2 Bed Apartment Type B

3 Bed Apartment Type A

3 Bed Apartment Type B


Residential Floor Plans

4th Floor Apartments

5th-11th Floor Apartments

Residential Floor Plans – PDF Document